Key Features

Crime Prevention

Detects suspected crimes before they happen

Learning System

Constantly identifying new crime patterns

Wave Guard technologies introduces a new innovative solution in the world of crime prevention – PointGuard.

Based on cutting-edge technology PointGuard can alert and answer very critical questions such as:

–  Where will the next crime take place?
–  When will it occur?
–  How many people might be involved?

Alerts are sent directly to the relevant customers: Banks, Post Offices, Retailer or any organization working to further monitor and prevent crime.
In PointGuard the customer can pre-define specific areas of interest which will be constantly monitored. By constantly analyzing vast amounts of cellular radio information and using sophisticated algorithms the system will identify and alert on any suspicious pattern in the area.

PointGuard can also be used in collaboration with law enforcement agencies. Once legal approval is granted by the relevant authorities, law enforcement agencies can use the system to produce lists of possible suspects to prevent a prospective crime or as a post-crime analysis tool.
Unlike statistical systems, PointGuard provides concrete answers formed by mathematical algorithms of real cellular networks data.

To ensure privacy and security, PointGuard is limited to usage patterns in specific locations, ensuring the data is completely anonymous and inaccessible to the systems users.