Artemis redefines accuracy, flexibility, and reach in
mobile-based geolocation

Artemis is a sensors based network, which detects any specific individual (including roamers) within its range in real time. The ranges of a single Artemis sensor can be configured according to the operative needs: They can be set to monitor a very short range (0.5 meters) allowing the pinpoint detection of specific devices in a very small area of interest.

Alternatively, they can be set to an area of several dozens of kilometers –allowing Artemis sensors network to monitor in real-time hundreds of kilometers(such as borders, strategic facilities etc).

Once the system detects a device it can trigger alerts, send a drone to the area, cross correlate with additional databases and publish the data to any other end-user system.

Artemis does not require any connectivity to the cellular providers and can even be deployed in areas with no cellular coverage or power lines.

The Artemis system can be implemented for a various operational use cases such as

  • Airports – Passenger’s cellular identity detection and monitoring
  • Land borders – Monitoring and detection of smugglers, terrorists, illegal immigrants and any hostile activity along the border
  • Coastlines – Monitoring and detection of smugglers. terrorists, illegal immigrants and any hostile activity along the coastlines
  • Critical sites – Monitoring and detection of hostile activity around any defined critical site
  • Prisons – Detection of illegal cellular activity in within the prison area
  • Oil\Gas pipe line – Detection of attempts to damage or steal oil/ gas from pipe lines hundreds of kilometers long.
  • Natural Disaster – Detecting the accurate location of survivors in the disaster area