Key Features

Extremely Accurate

Up to one sq. meter


No connectivity to service provider


An Artemis network can contain thousands of sensors

Wave Guard offers law enforcement, homeland security and intelligence organizations new capabilities for detecting and identifying cellular devices. Using our state-of-the-art Artemis solution, our sensors can be deployed at every point of entry, allowing detection accuracy of up to 1 sq. meter.

Point of Entry

At a point of entry, travelers need to identify themselves using their documents (passport, driver’s license etc). While the officer at the point of entry verify the document, the Artemis sensors accurately identify the persons’ cellular devices, allowing the authorities to correlate the person’s identity with the person’s cellular identity.

Once the Correlation is done, the organization can decide what they want to do:
1. Check if the person’s phone is in a “Suspect list” and alert the officer if the persons is part of the list.

2. Keep the cellular identity in the database for continuous monitoring according to the persons’ identity.

For example, if a person is from a high risk foreign country, it might be worthwhile to track the person while he’s in the country. If the organization uses Wave Guard’s Tracer system, they can immediately set an alert for this specific number.


Point of Entry & Indoor Detection

Indoor Detection

The Artemis solution can also be deployed as an indoor detection solution, allowing LEA and security organizations to detect any phone that is within the premise with high detection accuracy and without the need to connect to the service provider. Such locations can be:

• Airport Terminals
• Prisons
• Shopping Malls
• Underground Parking
• Offices
• Conference Halls
• Hotels
• Railway Stations
• Tunnels