Wave Guard Tracer provides an innovative and powerful paradigm for mobile-based geo location and tracking.

Tracer converts raw cellular network data into actionable real-time intelligence, tracking voice calls, SMS, data applications and many more non-call events with extremely high accuracy.

The Tracer is a strategic solution, tracking the location of each and every subscriber in the network at any given moment and storing the data in its big data database.

Regardless of the target’s phone type, whether they have GPS or not or where they are, with the Tracer targets can’t hide, even if they swap SIM cards or mobile networks.

Tracer uses advance big data algorithms to analyze huge amount of data and provide valuable intelligence insights, both in real time and historically. In addition, advanced predication algorithms can be used to prevent security events and detect suspicious activities.

The insights provided by the Tracer are the next generation in Mass target location providing insights Intelligence & LEA organization never had before.