WaveGuard’s Guardian is a Radiation and Quality of Service Monitoring and Management Solution

Guardian is a software based system for data collection and Compliance verification of: National Cellular Spectrum, Quality of Service Key performance Indicators (KPI) and Quality of Environment. These capabilities allow the regulator to ensure that quality of service/spectrum/radiation for cellular telephony customers is maintained in accordance with commitments of operators (in license), identify specific areas of concern and enhance the service level to the consumers.

The Guardian monitors all the base stations within the country at any given moment while taking into consideration the relevant Radiation level, Key Quality Indicators (KQIs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from mobile telephone networks. If any indicator is violated, the Guardian will immediately alert the operators which can then act to correct the violation.

As it is a software based solution, this unique patented technology minimizes the need for expensive hardware installation and maintenance, and it is the most cost efficient monitoring solution. Guardian provides the only practical way to monitor thousands and then thousands of base stations while minimizing the burden and cost of purchasing, operating, and maintaining, numerous hardware monitoring equipment at a national level.

The Guardian can monitor, manage and alert in real time:

  • National Radiation Supervision
  • National Spectrum Supervision
  • National Quality of Service (QoS) Supervision
  • National Antenna license management