Key Features


Extremely accurate

Easy setup

Does not require any installation on the operator's side

Crowd management

Enable efficient and fast response to emergency events

Tracer for emergency caller location

Wave Guard Technologies’ solutions enable emergency services worldwide to receive extremely accurate location tracking of E112/911 calls. The system can connect to the nearest public safety answering point (PSAP) upon detection of an emergency call, and immediately track the caller’s location. In addition, the solution can provide additional information on the caller’s SMS & data sessions during the emergency call and also on recent cellular activities to provide valuable information to the rescue services.

Mass casualty incidents

Tracer allows emergency and public safety organizations to monitor specific areas and determine the exact distribution of cellular phones in this area. For example, if a disaster occurs in a specific area, the user can easily mark on the map the location, and get real time report on the number of people in the area, their exact locations and distribution. This enables public safety and rescue teams to use their resources efficiently and quickly in order to save lives.

Continuous Monitoring

One of the main challenges of emergency services during an incident is the continuous monitoring of the person or group of persons during the event. Today’s systems can locate a person dialing an emergency number, but they cannot pro-actively and continuously monitor this person during the entire event. Tracer allows triggering a continuous tracking of an individual or group of people. Once an emergency number (112, 911 or any other emergency number) is dialed, it triggers a continuous location tracking, communication reporting, and area analysis during the entire time of the event.

Post Event Analysis

Tracer provides various tools to analyze the emergency event after it occurred, understand the exact movements and communication taking place during the event and analyze what could have been done better.