Key Features


All operators, all subscribers, all communication types

Historical Data

One year historical data (of all subscribers’ activity)


Best accuracy in the market.

For national and local law enforcement, homeland security and intelligence organizations, Wave Guard’s solutions redefine accuracy, flexibility, and reach in mobile-based geolocation, detection and tracking.
Wave Guard enables authorities to monitor the real-time and historical locations, movements and communication activity of individuals and groups of any size with radically-improved accuracy, immediacy and flexibility.
Wave Guard also introduces advanced big data analytics of cellular networks and other sources to identify behavioral patterns and insights that can assist in prevention and post analysis of terror & crime events.


Wave Guard Tracer delivers an innovative and powerful paradigm for mobile-based geolocation and tracking. Tracer converts raw cellular network data into actionable real-time intelligence, tracking voice calls, SMS, data sessions and even phone which are on idle state.

Tracer geo-locates specific individuals or groups of interest, tracking their movements and behavior in real-time. Tracer uses multiple positioning methods to pinpoint exact target location and movements via the cellular network.

Tracer redefines accuracy, flexibility, and distance in mobile-based geolocation detection and tracking.
With Tracer, targets can’t hide, even if they swap SIM cards or mobile networks. Subject profiles can also be built retroactively, using cross-network historical data, to reconstruct movements and communications.

Any Device, Any Network, Real-Time and Historical.